Alumni Records Office

Email address:

Telephone: 607-533-9200

Postal address: 
Saint Anthony Hall
Alumni Records Office
PO Box 876
Ithaca, NY 14581

Our physical, Trinity Campus address:
Saint Anthony Hall
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Directions to Trinity College

Other Chapters of St. Anthony Hall:

National Fraternity

Alpha Chapter (Columbia University):
St. Anthony Hall
434 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10025

Delta Chapter (University of Pennsylvania):
St. Anthony Hall
3637 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Theta Chapter (Princeton University):
Princeton, New Jersey

Kappa Chapter (Brown University):
St. Anthony Hall
P.O. Box 1152
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

Xi Chapter (North Carolina University):
St. Anthony Hall
207 Pittsboro Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Tau Chapter (Massachustts Institute of Technology):
No. 6 Club
428 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

Upsilon Chapter (University of Virginia):
St. Anthony Hall
133 Chancellor St.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Phi Chapter (University of Mississippi):
St. Anthony Hall
P.O. Box 8348
University, MS 38677

Graduate Organizations:
St. Anthony Trust of Rhode Island, Inc.
Kappa Graduate Organization