The St. Anthony Trust of Hartford (SATH), a privately-funded organization, directs the affairs of St. Anthony Hall and owns the building and property located at 340 Summit Street. The organization that became SATH was chartered by act of the Connecticut General Assembly (State Legislature) in 1873. There are currently 14 active board members.

Charles S. Ingersoll Jr., E’80, President
Emily R. McLean, E’02, Vice President
Christopher K. Naidu, E’11, Treasurer

Townsend Ziebold, E’81
Robert D. Goner, E’83
David W. Dangremond, E’97
E. Talbot Beck, E’00
Katelyn Bowman, E’00
Alissa N. Crevier, E’00
Laura A. McGrath, E’01
Amber L. Scott, E’03
William S. L. Murphy, E’08
G.N. Smith Alpert, E’11
Walker Berning, E’11